We all had a really awesome time today! The things you and your team taught were very valuable. The instruction was straight forward, safe, and entertaining. It took the perfect amount of time and was concise without losing value. The firearms were handled very safely and responsibly making a great learning environment. And most importantly, we had a great time participating and getting to hang out with you all. We hope we can come back again soon!

Once again,

Thank you!!


Thank you for the wonderful course today! It was super fun. The length of time it took was perfect and I felt informed and safe the whole time. Learned some useful information from experienced instructors that could clearly and concisely explain to the group what we needed to know.


Noor K.

Out of interest in wanting to be able to defend myself, I took a concealed carry class with James LaRusso, of Precision Tactics. Although I had been exposed to guns as a young girl, and even fired them a few times, I still did not have good practice, or the confidence to carry one of my own.

I immediately signed up for classes with Precision Tactics, and it was the best decision I ever made.

With great guidance, and education, my confidence, and accuracy grew. From beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, Precision Tactics guided me through different scenarios of self defense. I now feel safer and confident, knowing I'll stand a fighting chance if ever put in a real life situation.

Kate Priest

(Believer in continual education,and practice of gun use and safety)