James LaRusso

James had the opportunity to conduct IED reconnaissance missions with U.S. Army 5th Special Operations Group in Bayji and was a Quick Reaction Force team leader for a Secured Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) in Bagdad.


Since coming home to the US in 2011 James received training as well as NRA Law Enforcement certification in tactical handgun, rifle and shotgun; also attending GPS Defense Sniper School where he received P.O.S.T. certifications as a Sniper/Counter Sniper instructor. During these courses he found his true passion of teaching and training.

After receiving the certifications  James founded the company Precision Tactics Inc. where he has since taught foreign military/law enforcement, as well as U.S. based S.W.A.T. officers, police officers and private citizens. All training focusing on real world applications and scenarios.


  • NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. Certified in tactical rifle,pistol and shotgun.

  • Certified Range Safety Officer

  • Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician 


  • Served 4 years in the Marine Corps

  • 3.5 years as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq

  • Trained 1000's of students from beginner to advanced  levels

  • Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician