Concealed Carry Permit Class

Starting 10/10/2020 we will be holding weekly Carrying of Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit classes every Thursday @ 4:30pm and Saturday @ 10:00am. CCW classes are designed for individuals that know how to shoot (must be able to demonstrate proficiency). If you are a beginner and would like to get your concealed permit, please sign up for our beginners concealed carry permit class on Saturdays @ 10:00am.
Beginner CCW includes range time after the class at Dinosaur Flats Shooting Range in Canon City.

Location: Behind Mantigues Gun Room 

513 E Main St, Florence, CO 81226

If you would like to schedule a private course, send us an email to

Company created by Public Safety Professionals, currently active and former military service members. It is our goal to give our knowledge and skills to those who are eager to learn from experienced and certified instructors. Available classes include; EMS Training such as Basic Life Support, field-craft medicine and survivalist. Firearms training to include but not limited to: Concealed Weapon Permits, handgun, rifle and shotgun, everything from beginner to advanced firearms training. We believe in the path to liberty begins with the knowledge and skill to be self-reliant. Let Precision Tactics be your guide in the journey for liberty. Be Safe! Prepare, protect, survive and thrive.


James LaRusso grew up in south Florida where at a young age knew he wanted to serve in the military.

After graduating high school he joined the Marine Corps in 1999 Where he was attached to an Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (ANGLICO) as a Forward Observer (MOS 0861). He deployed almost immediately to Kosovo in support of combat operations, tasked with protecting NATO forces on the ground by use of Close Air Support and Artillery. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2003, James found his calling 2008 working in Iraq as a Private Military Contractor (PMC) for Special Operations Consultants (SOC), Where he provided security for Department of Defense and Department of State personnel.



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Colorado Springs, CO